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In Spring 2024, Global Soccer Agency CHYN Sports founded by Dennis Chin and Giuseppe Gentile was acquired by Young Money APAA Sports led by Global Entertainment Icon Dwayne "Lil Wayne" Carter and Business Mogul Adie Von Gontard. Young Money APAA Sports has been a leader in Athlete representation and marketing for the past decade, working with some of the biggest stars in the NFL and NBA. 

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Young Money APAA Soccer will redefine the concept of excellence in sports management. While the industry often equates being the "BEST" with representing the highest-earning players and maximizing commissions, Young Money APAA shifts the focus to holistic development.

We believe that true success encompasses not only financial prosperity but also personal growth and well-being. We are committed to nurturing every facet of our client's lives, ensuring they thrive both on and off the field. This philosophy underscores a profound dedication to each player’s overall success and security, prioritizing genuine care and support over mere financial metrics.

The Next Generation of Stars are here!

Night Sky with Stars

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